Soothing Sounds Aroma Oil Diffusing Machine by Stella Premier – Review

Soothing Sounds Aroma Oil Diffusing Machine

Breath and sleep easier with soothing sounds & aromatherapy

There are not many sleep sound machines on the market that also offer aromatherapy as well. The only one I have been able to find up until now is the Aroma Zzar, which is very popular with our readers.

So when I came across this little beauty earlier this week, I thought it was time to let everyone know that you have another choice!

  • 10 Relaxing and soothing sounds.
  • 6 Color changing LED lights.
  • Aroma oil diffusing machine.
  • Bluetooth speaker.
  • Play your own tunes via Bluetooth.
  • 200 ml (6.8 fl ounces) capacity water reservoir.
  • Safety auto shut off if water becomes low.
  • Adjustable timer and misting modes.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Aromatherapy has 8 hours running time.
  • Mains power.
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Features of this Soothing Sounds Aroma Oil Diffusing Machine

Soothing Sounds Aroma Oil Diffusing Machine 10 soothing sounds: First of all, this sleep sound machine has 10 relaxing and soothing sounds, making it perfect for in the nursery to help your little ones to drift off to a beautiful, restful sleep.

It can equally be used for yourself to help you sleep better at night, particularly when you have a lot of annoying background noises that keep you awake (partner snoring, noisy neighbors, TVs and traffic).

It can also help you to sleep better if you are feeling stressed out during the day, causing you to take too long to actually fall asleep at night. Shift workers are another group of people who will benefit from a sound machine that helps to reduce external daytime noises, giving them a better quality sleep during the day.

Students also benefit from a good nights sleep, helping them to overcome the stress at school and giving them more energy to study and play!

The 10 relaxing and soothing sounds that come with this sleep sound machine include: stream sound, rain pitter patter, summer frogs, birds whispers, forest rhapsody,
alice wonderland, dragon warrior, dawn, natural dawn, and waves.

Soothing Sounds Aroma Oil Diffusing Machine Ultrasonic aromatherapy: Diffusing essential oils into the nursery or bedroom is a lovely way to help everyone to sleep better at night.

Essential oils can infuse a calming and relaxing atmosphere into your rooms and you can even use aromatherapy to help unblock your kid’s sinuses, so they have a better quality sleep as well.

Check out the Good Night Blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils by Healing Solutions for less than $10 and give everyone a wonderful nights sleep.

With a 200 ml (6.8 fl oz) water reservoir and an auto shut off feature for when the water becomes low, you never have to worry about waking to turn the sound machine off during the night. It also has a timer, so you can set it to automatically turn off after 1 hr, 2 hrs, 4 hrs or 8 hrs, giving you plenty of options.

Add in 4 different misting options and you can tailor this aromatherapy machine to your exact requirements, helping everyone in your family to relax and de-stress.

FYI: You can play the soothing sounds without using the aromatherapy component and also just infuse the essential oils into your room without playing any sounds.

Bluetooth speakers: These give you the ability to play any music on this sleep sound machine, not just the 10 soothing sounds that are included. Not a lot of the sound machines have this feature, so it is an added bonus!

This means that you can play your favorite melodies and lullabies for your children and your own music for yourself, designing your very own customized sleep therapy. Syncing this sound machine with your smartphone is easy – just press the volume UP and DOWN together for 3 seconds and your Stella Aroma Diffuser is now synced.

LED lights: With 6 color changing LED lights (that can be switched off as well), you can select your favorite color or let them cycle through the whole 6 colors. This is one of the features that kids love! You have lilac, light blue, apple green, lemon, lavender and peach colors, all of which add a different ambiance to your rooms.

Soothing Sounds Aroma Oil Diffusing Machine

Customer reviews of the Stella Soothing Sounds and Aroma Diffuser

As this is new to the market there are not a lot of online reviews from customers. However so far, customers absolutely love this sound machine!

Overview of the Stella Soothing Sounds & Aroma Diffuser

Soothing Sounds Aroma Oil Diffusing MachineIf you want a sleep sound machine and an aromatherapy diffuser to help you sleep better – there are not many on the market. Which is why this machine is such a great find!

With 10 soothing sounds, 6 LED lights, a 200ml water capacity for your essential oils, timer, misting controls and an auto-shut off feature, you have everything in one package. You can just play the soothing sounds or just infuse your essential oils and you can also turn all of the LED lights off as well.

This Soothing Sounds and Aroma Diffuser has all of the features you need to help your family sleep better and benefit from essential oils in their life. Use it in the nursery, study, family room or bedrooms and look forward to a much better nights sleep for everyone.

It is currently selling for just less than $50, which is a 30% saving on the regular price.

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