Sleep Better Runtastic App – A FREE App from Google Play or iTunes


Achieve higher quality sleep with the Runtastic Sleep Better App

The Runtastic Sleep Better App is free to download, but there is also a paid version with more features available in Google Play and iTunes.

Sometimes we know that we are having problems sleeping, but we just don’t know what is causing the issue. Understanding the cause of your sleeplessness is half the battle, because then you can set solutions in place to help resolve them and sleep better at night.

This is where a free app that downloads to your smartphone (only iOS or Android) can come into the picture and the Sleep Better Runtastic App looks pretty good. The paid version of this app has the following features, in addition to those in the free Runtastic Sleep Better App.

  • Advanced alarm settings.
  • Additional alarm sounds.
  • Dream notes.
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Moon phases analysis.
  • No advertisements.

You can purchase the paid version of this app when you have already downloaded the free version. Just tap on the locked features and it will prompt you to buy the PRO version.


Track your sleep cycles with the Sleep Better Runtastic App

Sleep Better Runtastic AppSleep duration: With the sleep tracker you can monitor the duration of your sleep, and your light sleep times and deeper sleep times. This can help you to identify how long it takes you to fall asleep properly and whether you keep waking up from a light or a deep sleep.

Daily habits: You can also enter your daily habits into the Runtastic Sleep Better App to determine if any of these are affecting the quality of your sleep. For example, make a note of how many times you have a cup of coffee or an alcoholic drink and when and for how long you exercise during the day.

Dream diary: With the paid version of the Runtastic Sleep Better App, you can keep a dream diary, helping you to know how often you actually dream, remember the content of those dreams and then to research how they may affect your sleep cycles.

Moon phases: With the paid version you can also monitor the phases of the moon and work out whether the moon affects the quality of your sleep, how long you sleep and your whether the moon affects your dreams.

If you want an alarm function and snooze functionality, as well as comprehensive daily stats and your sleeping history then you need to go PRO.


How does the Runtastic Sleep Better App track your sleep?

Sleep Better Runtastic AppWhen you have loaded the Sleep Better Runtastic App to your smartphone, make sure to place it on your bed, close to your pillow and then the app will use the in-built sensors to monitor how much you move during the night.

The collected data is then used to determine your sleep cycles, including how often and for how long you were in a light or deep sleep, and when you were awake.

The Runtastic Sleep Better App will give you a percentage for your sleep efficiency, so you can track whether any changes you make to your daily life actually improves your quality of sleep.

Sleep efficiency is calculated as the time you were in a light sleep + the time you were in a deep sleep. This value is then divided by the total length of time you were asleep and multiplied by 100 to make it a percentage.

FYI: Using the Sleep Better Runtastic App will take another 20 to 30% off your battery every day, but if you enable the flight mode when you go to bed, you won’t use as much of your battery.


What’s new in this version of the Runtastic Sleep Better App?

Data storage: First of all, your sleep data will be stores within your Runtastic account, so you can easily change or upgrade your phone without loosing any of your stored sleep data.

Syncs with Me app: You can sync the data from your Me app with the Better Sleep app from Runtastic. So you can use your tracked daily activities in the Me app to  identify how these activities are impacting on your sleep cycle.

Language: The Runtastic Sleep Better App now comes in traditional Chinese.


Summing up the Sleep Better Runtastic App

If you want to track how well you sleep and you haven’t already bought an activity tracker that does this for you, then the free Runtastic Sleep Better App might be worth a shot. You don’t have to upgrade to the free version, just see if you like the app first and if you think you might benefit from any additional features.

You can download the Runtastic Sleep Better App form Google Play or iTunes.

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