Silverflye Sound Machine with Remote Control Review

Silverflye Sound Machine

Check out the Silverflye Sound Machine with Remote Control 

At first glance you might move past the Silverflye Sound Machine, as it doesn’t look like your usual baby sound machine. However, that would be a mistake, because it really is worth taking a second look at it.

That’s because it comes with a remote control (Hooray!), 6 soothing sound tracks, a timer with 2 options, dual power source and it fits easily in your hand.

  • Baby sound machine.
  • Comes with a remote control.
  • Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably.
  • Remote has a 25 foot range.
  • Comes with a shuffle feature.
  • Also has a back or forward feature.
  • Volume control (up or down).
  • Timer: 45 or 60 minutes or continuous play.
  • 6 gentle lullaby tracks.
  • 85 decibels or less.
  • ON/OFF button.
  • Powered by batteries or via a USB micro adapter (neither included).
  • Requires 3 batteries for the main unit and 2 for the remote.
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How do you use the Silverflye Sound Machine?

Silverflye Sound Machine for babiesWith the Silverflye Sound Machine you have two different components – the actual sound machine itself and the remote control. You need to insert the batteries first into both units with the sound machine needing 3 AAA batteries and the remote needing 2 AAA batteries.

There is an ON/OFF button, so you don’t leave the sound machine on when it is not in use, as this will eat into your batteries – so this is a good feature. Once both units are powered you can either just press the ‘play’ and the ‘shuffle’ button or press ‘play’ and then select one of the tunes you like using the Song Menu dial on the front of the sound machine and adjust the volume.

Your Silverflye Sound Machine includes 6 lovely melodies – Ocean waves, Heartbeat, White noise, Lullaby, Lullaby piano and Rain forest.  You can either let your chosen song play until you turn it off or select one of the 2 timer options.

Silverflye Sound Machine for babiesWith the remote control, you don’t have to be in the same room as your little one to start or stop the tunes and you can even alter the volume or fast forward or backward as well. The remote makes it so easy to control the sound machine, because you don’t actually have to be next to the machine or even in the same room.

When you are travelling it is ideal, because in the car you don’t have to try and scramble into the back seat to turn it on or off, simply use the remote control from the front seat. If you lose the remote, you can still use the sound machine, because all of the controls are on the sound machine itself, it just makes it a lot easier with the remote.

Points to note about the Silverflye Sound Machine

Sound Machine by SilverflyeDon’t forget that you need to buy 5 AAA batteries for this sound machine and also a micro USB adapter as well.

One improvement that could be made to the Silverflye Sound Machine is that it would be great if it remembered your last settings, but it doesn’t so you have to go through the song selections again when you turn it on.

This can be annoying sometimes if you want to turn the music on quickly, but with the remote control you can smoothly dial through the song selections and pick the one you want.

Customer reviews of the Silverflye Sound Machine

Some customers have said that the sound quality is quite poor and that the song selection dial on the front of the sound machine is very fiddly and difficult to use.  Even customers who gave a 5 star review have mentioned their problem with this dial.

Having said this, more customers are happy with this sound machine than make complaints, so it is worth taking a look and maybe reading more of the reviews yourself. After all, it does come with a remote, but if the sound quality is poor quality there is no workaround for that problem.

Summing up the Silverflye Sound Machine

Sound Machine by SilverflyeIf you consider looks, then there is nothing appealing about the Silverflye Sound Machine, but it has a remote control, which can make up for a lot of sins in the looks department.

The problem is that too many customers seem to dislike the sound selection dial on the front of the sound machine and also a few mention that the sound quality isn’t the best.

So whilst it does have some good features, for some of you – the cons might outweigh the pros on this particular sound machine.

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