LectroFan Jr – White Noise Machine with Nursery Rhymes – Review

Lectrofan Jr white nosie machine with nursery rhymes

Check out the LectroFan Jr White Noise Machine with Nursery Rhymes

The Lectrofan Jr doesn’t have tacky white noise recordings like many other sound machines, instead it creates its own white noise and fan sounds using an algorithm. This means that each of the white noise tracks are unique and continuous with no looping, which can be distracting to your baby.

To make it even better, the Lectrofan Jr comes with 18 lovely lullabies as well, so you can decide whether you want to play white noise, fan sounds or a gentle lullaby to help your baby drift off to sleep.

  • White noise machine with nursery rhymes.
  • 6 unique variations of white noise – no recordings.
  • 6 unique fan sounds.
  • 18 different lullabies with shuffle play.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Timer – set for 60 minutes or all night.
  • Multi-level adjustable volume control.
  • Blue or pink.
  • USB charging with a mains adapter.
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If you already have the original Lectrofan sound machine for yourself or you are familiar with them, you might be wondering if there are any differences between the Lectrofan and the Lectrofan Jr.

The only difference is that the Lectrofan has 10 non-repeating fan sounds and 10 non-repeating white noise sounds, whilst the Lectrofan Jr has 6 non-repeating fan sounds and 6 non-repeating white noise settings with another 18 nursery rhymes. The junior version also comes in pink or blue as well.

You can also check out the Lectrofan Micro, which has 5 fan sounds, 4 white noise sounds, an ocean sound and it is so small it will fit into your handbag or briefcase.

Who uses the Lectrofan Jr white noise machine with nursery rhymes?

Lectrofan Jr - white noise machine with nursery rhymesMums and dads find that having some type of noise in the background can really help calm their little ones when they are upset.

It can also help them to settle down for a sleep during the day or at night as well.

You can plug the Lecrofan Jr in to a power outlet in the nursery, in the living room or even in the home study, so you can have your little one with you, while they are sleeping soundly.

These sound machines are perfect for parents, grandparents and care givers, even baby sitters can use them to help settle babies and toddlers when they parents are away. They are also ideal for parents living in noisy apartments or busy neighborhoods, because they help to block out sounds that may disturb your baby from their sleep.

With a choice of white noise, fan sounds and lullabies, you will soon find the right sounds to help settle your baby or toddler when they are upset and the ones that help your them to drift off to sleep.

What do customers say about the Lectrofan Jr?

LectroFan Jr The vast majority of online customers love the Lectrofan junior, but the few that don’t love it all have similar complaints. These complaints revolve around the fact that the nursery rhymes don’t sound very good, and are of poor quality and not conducive to sleep – although most of these comments were at least 6 months old.

Having said this, more than 80% of customers have given this sound machine 4 or 5 stars and don’t have any problems with the quality of the sounds. However, if you are not fussy about nursery rhymes, then check out my review of the Lectrofan for adults. More than 90% of customers have given this a 4 or 5 star rating, which just pips the Lectrofan Jr and you might find that it is more suitable for your little one (they are both the same price).

Summing up the Lectrofan Jr white noise machine with nursery rhymes

Lectrofan Jr - white noise machine with nursery rhymesThis is a very affordable and well loved sound machine for babies that plays non-repeating white noise, fan sounds and lullabies. You have an adjustable volume and a one hour timer (which is great for afternoon naps) and you can also let it run all night.

It is compact and portable, so you can easily take it on holiday with you and although it doesn’t run on batteries, it does have USB charging, which gives you more options. Some people have found that the nursery rhymes are not the best sound quality, but the majority have no problems.

If all you want is a high quality sound machine for your baby from a reliable manufacturer, then the Lectrofan Jr is definitely worth adding to your nursery.

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