HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa Review

myBaby SoundSpa portable

What does the myBaby SoundSpa do?

This is a lovely, light weight baby sound machine perfect for in the nursery or to take with you when you are traveling.

The gentle soothing sounds help settle your little one and take away so much stress of trying to comfort an unsettled, fussy or cranky baby.

  • Comforts your baby or toddler and helps them settle during the day or night.
  • Masks household noises, such as other children playing, the TV or traffic outside.
  • Takes all the stress away from trying to settle a crying baby.
  • Everyone has a good night’s sleep and wakes refreshed in the morning.
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Features of the HoMedics Sound Spa

You have six natural, soothing sounds to sleep to, as well as a timer, full volume control (this is important) and it runs on batteries or mains power.

  • 6 natural sounds – white noise, ocean, heartbeat, summer night, brook, thunder.
  • 15, 30 or 60 minute timer.
  • Can run all night if timer not selected.
  • Fully adjustable volume (it can get very loud).
  • Fully portable and easy to carry around.
  • Small, compact design.
  • Perfect for travelers.
  • Battery or mains power operated.
  • 6.0 x 7.0 x 2.2 inches and weighs 8 ounces.

Why is the HoMedics baby sound machine so popular?

Parents love the myBaby SoundSpa because it is very affordable, they love the color and it even drowns out heavy LA traffic.

The other great features loved by parents is the portability of the SoundSpa, the fact that it can run on batteries, can be left on all night and can be turned up very loud.

Parents love the high quality sounds, but some find the heart beat sound a bit creepy!

How does the myBaby Sound Spa work?

The HoMedics myBamyBaby SoundSpa portableby Sound Spa created high quality digital sounds which can be set to turn off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes or be left to play until you turn it off.

It doesn’t have a night light, so it won’t keep your baby awake and with the choice of 6 the natural, soothing sounds helps your baby to settle and sleep well.

Who uses the mybaby sound machine?

Parent or caregivers use the HoMedics baby Sound Spa for the following reasons:

  • To help settle a fussy baby.
  • To comfort a crying baby or toddler.
  • To help settle their baby after feeds.
  • To help their baby sleep during the day.
  • To give themselves some relief during the night with an unsettled baby.

What are customers saying about the HoMedics mybaby SoundSpa?

Around 80% of the 1000 customer reviews on Amazon give this baby sound machine a 4 or 5 star rating.

HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa vs myBaby SoundSpa on-the-go

Both of these sound machines are made by HoMedics, but they are slightly different.

  • mybaby homedics soundspa on-the-go The portable SoundSpa plays 6 natural sounds and the SoundSpa on-the-go plays only 4 – heartbeat, white noise, ocean and lullaby.
  • The portable SoundSpa can work on both mains power and batteries, whilst the on-the-go version only uses batteries.
  • The SoundSpa on-the-go has an integrated clip so it can be attached to strollers, diaper bags and cribs.
  • The on-the-go SoundSpa weighs 4.8 ounces and the portable SoundSpa weighs 8.0 ounces.
  • Both have adjustable volume and both have a timer, but the on-the-go version only has a 15 minute timer, whereas the portable SoundSpa has a 15, 30 or 60 minute timer.

The main difference between these two HoMedics Sound Spas is that the on-the-go SoundSpa is designed to be taken to the shops or in the car, etc., whilst the portable SoundSpa is light enough to be taken away on holiday with you.

Whilst both are very affordable, the on-the-go version is usually slightly cheaper than the portable SoundSpa.

Final Verdict: Is the myBaby HoMedics SoundSpa worth it?

Answer: Yes!

Bottom line

myBaby SoundSpa portable

The HoMedics SoundSpa for babies is a very affordable sound machine that plays 6 different natural sounds, is fully portable, works off mains power and batteries and is perfect to help calm unsettled babies or toddlers.

It is light weight and easily portable, so it is great for taking on holiday with you.

The HoMedics SoundSpa is louder than the Cloud B Sleep Sheep and the Baby Shusher and plays more soothing sounds as well.

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HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa portablemyBaby HoMedics SoundSpa FAQ

Q. If the power goes out will it automatically switch to battery power?
A. Yes, the myBaby SoundSpa keeps on working even in power outages.

Q. Does it have a light that shines?
A. No, the only light is a small ‘on’ switch, which doesn’t disturb your baby.

Q. Is there a difference between the HoMedics SoundSpa and the myBaby Sound Spa?
A. Not really, the only difference is that with the portable myBaby SoundSpa the rain sound is replaced with a heartbeat sound. If you are not too worried about the heartbeat sound, then either sound machine will do for babies, toddlers, children or adults.

Q. Where can I buy the myBaby SoundSpa?
A. You can purchase the portable HoMedics SoundSpa for babies here and the on-the-go version here.

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