Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine Review

Graco Sleep Slumber Sound Machine

What does the Graco Sound Machine do?

With 12 beautiful, gentle sounds, the Graco Sweet Slumber sound machine helps your baby to slowly drift off to a peaceful sleep.

It has a soft glow light, so you can check on your little one without disturbing them with a bright light and also a timer, so it turns off automatically. The Graco Sweet Slumber also looks lovely in the nursery.

  • Helps to calm and soothe unsettled babies.
  • Comforts crying babies and toddlers and helps them to drift off to sleep.
  • Helps babies to settle and sleep during the day or night.
  • Masks household noises, traffic or noisy neighbors so your little one can sleep.
  • Helps mum and dad have some quality sleep overnight.
  • Reduces the stress of being unable to settle a crying baby.

Features of the Graco Sleep Slumber Sound Machine

This is one of the few sound machines with an MP3 input jack, so you can load your own favorite tunes or your little one’s favorite lullabies or melodies.

  • 12 high quality soothing sounds to help your baby drift off to sleep (lullabies, womb sounds, whales, white noise and natural sounds).
  • Soft glow light, so you can monitor your baby without waking them.
  • The glow light can be turned on or off by tapping the top of the sound machine.
  • MP3 player point, so you can play your own messages or lullabies.
  • A travel lock prevents the sound machine from turning on when you are traveling.
  • Fully adjustable volume.
  • High quality sounds.
  • Battery or mains power operated.
  • Light weight and easily portable for travelling.
  • Size is 6.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 inches and weighs 1 pound.
  • 60 minute auto shut-off timer or you can play the sounds continuously.

Why is the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine so popular?

Parents love tGraco Sleep Slumber Sound Machinehe Graco SweetPeace because it has 12 high quality sounds and you can plug your own iPod or MP3 player into the machine and play messages or your favorite lullabies for your baby.

It is sturdy and long lasting, very strong and durable and can be operated on both batteries and mains power. It is great for taking on holiday with you or for overnight stays to the parents-in-law.

How does the Graco white noise machine work?

The Graco Sleep Sound Machine plays 12 pre-set sounds – white noise, womb sounds, lullabies and natural sounds and can be set to play for an hour or left on all night. You can also plugin your own MP3 player and play your own selection of sounds for your baby.

It has a lovely light blue glow light which is enough light to change or feed your baby during the night, so you don’t have to put on a bright light (you can just tap the top of the sound machine to turn the light on or off).

Who uses the Graco baby sound machine?

  • Parents who want to settle their babies at night.
  • Caregivers who need to calm a fussy baby.
  • Parents whose baby is teething or doesn’t want to give up their pacifier.
  • Parents who want to comfort their baby and help them to drift off to sleep during the day or night.

What are customers saying about the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine?

With nearly 1000 customer reviews, 75% of them give this Graco sleep sound machine a 4 or 5 star rating.

Graco SweetPeace VS HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa

The difference between these two sound machines is that the Graco Sweet Slumber machine plays 12 pre-set melodies, can be loaded from an MP3 player and has a night light as well, whilst the HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa only plays 6 sounds and does not have a night light.

Also, the Graco only has a 60 minute auto shut-off timer, but the HoMedics SoundSpa has a 15, 30 and 60 minute timer.

The Graco Sweet Slumber is just about twice the price of the HoMedics myBaby Sleep Spa, but it does play more sounds, allow you to play your own lullabies and comes with a lovely blue night light.

Final Verdict: Is the Graco Sleep Slumber worth it?

Answer: Yes!

Graco Sleep Slumber Sound MachineBottom line

The Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine has 12 pre-set sounds and can play songs, messages or lullabies from your MP3 player. It has a lovely light blue glow light, which can be tapped on and off and it is perfect for calming and soothing unsettled babies, during the day or night. 

The Graco Sweet Slumber is a very sturdy sound machine with lots of sound options, can easily be taken on holiday with you and works off both batteries and mains power. it is also very affordable and makes a lovely gift for a new mum.

Graco Sleep Slumber Sound Machine FAQ

Q. Does it come with a product manual?
A. Yes, you can download the manual here.

Q. Does this sound machine have a heart beat sound?
A. Yes, it has a womb sound with the heart beat in the background.

Q. Does this sound machine project pictures on the ceiling?
A. No, but the night light gives a lovely blue glow to the nursery.

Q. Where can I buy the Graco Sound Machine?
A. You can buy the Graco Sound Machine here.

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