Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine Review

Conair sound therapy sound machine

The Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine is very affordable

Conair is a well-known brand and is very popular with customers. This particular sound machine has most of the functions you need to help you sleep better, is at a great price point and looks pretty cool as well.

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What does the Conair Sleep Therapy Machine do?

Conair sound therapy sound machineThe Conair Sleep Therapy Sound Machine helps you to relax when you go to bed and fall asleep faster than normal. When you are asleep, it helps you to stay asleep and helps to prevent you constantly waking up due to a noisy background.

Some people have problems relaxing when they first go to bed – their mind just keeps on working and doesn’t settle down to a state conducive to sleep. Other people have no problem falling asleep, they keep waking up during the night. Then again, some people have problems falling asleep and staying asleep.

There are many causes for these problems, but the main two causes are an inability to relax and a noisy background. So the Conair Sleep Therapy Sound Machine is designed to help you relax enough so you can fall asleep easily and then blocks out all of the background noises that can cause you to wake up again during the night.

  • Blocks out and masks noisy neighbors, traffic or dogs barking.
  • Adds a gentle background sound to block out out a snoring partner.
  • Allows shift workers to sleep much better during the day.
  • Helps office workers to focus at work by masking office noises and chatter.
  • Assists students to study by blocking out noises of family activities in the home.
  • Covers the sound of TVs and ringing phones.
  • Gives you privacy from neighbors when you live in apartments.
  • Helps to settle anxious pets.
  • Masks the sound of tinnitus in suffers, so they can sleep better at night.

Features of the Conair Sound Machine

This sound machine has all of the most important functions you need at a very reasonable price.

  • 10 soothing sounds – Tropical Forest, Birdsong, Running Stream, Heartbeat, Summer Night, White Noise, Thunderstorm, Rainfall, Ocean Waves, Waterfall.
  • High quality digital recordings.
  • 60 minute auto shut off timer.
  • 3″ speaker for realistic sounds.
  • Can play continuously all night.
  • Volume control.
  • On/Off button.
  • Operates via mains power or batteries (requires 4 AA batteries – not included).
  • Limited one-year warranty.

Why is the Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine so popular?

Conair sound therapy sound machineThe popularity of the Conair sound machine is due to its sturdy and stylish design and its compact size.

This sound machine fits easily onto your bedside table and because of its small size, light weight and the fact that it can operate on batteries as well as mains power, makes it ideal to take on holiday with you – whether to a hotel or even camping.

How does the Conair Sleep Machine help you to sleep?

With 10 different soothing sounds, you will have no problem selecting the one that is right for you , whether you are at home, staying with friends or on holiday in a noisy hotel.

All you need to do is to select the sound you want, decide on the right volume and then lie down and go to sleep! The gentle sounds of the Conair will relax you enough so you can fall asleep and it will mask any bothersome noises that usually wake you up at night.

So if you live near a noisy freeway, airport or in a busy neighborhood, and find that the background noises are just too loud and keep waking you up – the Conair sound machine is the ideal way to sleep better at night.

It is also perfect to mask a snoring partner, noisy neighbors and barking dogs.

Customer reviews for the Conair Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

With more than 3000 customer reviews online, the majority are extremely happy with this sound machine, giving it a 4 or 5 star rating, so this is clearly a good little sound machine.

Who uses the Conair Sound Machine? 

If you have problems falling asleep at night or staying asleep, then this is a great little sound machine that should help fix your problem.

  • People who live in noisy apartments.
  • Busy traffic areas, near freeways, railway tracks or airports.
  • busy restaurant and nightclub areas in the city.
  • Employees in noisy work areas.
  • Students who need to block out family noises so they can study.
  • Shift workers who need to sleep during the day.
  • Pets who are anxious in storms or who bark inappropriately.
  • Babies and toddlers who won’t settle at night.

What I like about the Conair Sleep therapy Sound Machine

For me, the best feature is always going to be that it runs on both batteries and mains power. This means that I can take it camping with me if I don’t have a powered site. Having a selection of 10 high quality digital sounds is also a great feature, as well as a 60 minute timer.

Points to ponder

The Conair Sound Machine does not have a headphone jack, which would come in useful if you want to listen to the soothing sounds privately. It also doesn’t give you the option of playing the radio – but then I guess you can just use a radio if you prefer, and it doesn’t have an alarm to wake you in the morning – but then you can use an alarm clock!

Summing up the Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

Conair sound therapy sound machineThe Conair doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of many other sleep sound machines, but it provides the basics at a reasonable price.

So if all you want are 10 soothing sounds to help you sleep, with a volume control and a 60 minute timer, as well as continuous play – and it can run on both batteries and mains power – then the Conair might be the sound machine for you.

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Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine FAQ

Q. What does the white noise sound like?

A. The white noise sounds more like TV static than the deep sound of an A/C unit.

Q. Does it have an automatic timer?

A. Yes, you can set it to play for 60 minutes or leave it to play all night.

Q. Does the Conair have a fade out function?

A. No – the sounds do not fade out when the timer ends, they simply stop.

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