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Cloud b baby soother sleep sheep

What does the Cloud B Sleep Sheep do?

This is one of the cutest sleep sound machines for babies I have seen. How good is it that your little one can cuddle up to the Sleep Sheep and drift off to sleep, whilst at the same time listening to gentle lullabies.

  • The cuddly sleep sheep comforts your baby when they are unsettled.
  • The soothing lullabies help your baby to drift off to sleep.
  • Your baby is calm and relaxed.
  • Designed to be easy to take with you when you are out and about.
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Features of the Cloud B Sleep Sheep

With this cuddly sleeping aid you have an auto shut off timer, beautiful lullabies, volume control and a Velcro tape to make it easy to secure the Sleep Sheep to the cot or stroller.

  • Two sleep timer options – 23 and 45 minutes.
  • 8 soothing sounds.
  • Velcro tab to secure the Sleep Sheep to the crib, stroller or car seat.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included).
  • Volume control.
  • Latex, phthalate, BPA and lead free.
  • Removable inner pillow.
  • Machine washable.
  • 100% polyester.

→ Are you tired and frustrated because your little one doesn’t settle well?

→ Have you tried just about everything and nothing seems to work?

→ Do you long for the time when your baby or toddler falls asleep without fussing?

→ Are you awake for too long at night, trying to settle your little one?

The Cloud B Sleep Sheep easily settles your baby or toddler

Cloud-B-On-The-Go-Sleep-SheepThis baby sound machine looks so cute, every newborn should have their very own sleep sheep to help them settle and snooze the day away. This baby soother has so many fabulous features, I don’t know where to start.

Well, first of all with the Cloud B Sleep Sheep you have a lovely cuddly toy and a baby white noise sound machine all in one. So as your baby grows they can cuddle their sleep sheep, while they drift off in a dreamy sleep.

You can also attach the sleepy sheep baby soother to the side of their crib, using the Velcro tab, so it is always in sight and in the right position for your baby. When you need to wash the sleepy sheep you can easily remove the hidden soundbox and then pop the cuddly toy in the wash to keep it squeaky clean and fresh.

Then of course you have four soothing baby sounds to help your little one relax and drift off to sleep, a volume control and two timer settings with auto shut off at 23 or 45 minutes.

How does the Cloud B baby white noise machine work?

This fabulous, cuddly baby soother is recommended for newborns upwards and is sure to be carried around by toddlers everywhere.

  • 8 soothing baby sounds – mother’s heartbeat, twinkle twinkle, rain, rockabye baby, ocean surf, classical lullaby, tranquil melody and whale songs.
  • A hidden soundbox with adjustable volume controls.
  • Two sleep timer options of 23 minutes or 45 minutes.
  • A Velcro tab so you can easily attach the sleepy sheep to your baby’s crib.
  • The soundbox can be removed so you can pop the sleep sheep in the wash.
  • Exceeds all safety standards.
  • Phthalate free, Latex free, Lead free and BPA free.
  • 2 AA batteries are included in your purchase.

Where can I use the Cloud B Sleepy Sheep?

Cloud B Sheep Sleep - baby sootherYou can use the sleep sheep anywhere your baby needs to take a nap, for example in the nursery, in the car, the supermarket or at your friend’s home.

There is no real limit to where you can play the sleepy soothing sounds of your sleepy sheep.

Anyone who has a baby or toddler who fusses and doesn’t settle easily, can seriously benefit from using this baby soother.

What are customers saying about the Cloud B Sleep Sheep?

The majority of customers love this little cuddly sheep, not only because it is so cute, but also because it plays lovely sounds, including a heartbeat, which is perfect for newborns.

Final Verdict: Is the Cloud B Sleepy Sheep worth it?

Cloud-B-On-The-Go-Sleep-Sheep Answer: Absolutely!

  • Parents love that their baby settles easily with the sleep sheep.
  • It is easy to carry around, easy to keep clean and worth its weight in gold!
  • You have a 23 minute and a 45 minute timer, so you don’t run the batteries out quickly.
  • 2006 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice.
  • iParenting Award Winner.

If you want a cute and cuddly soothing device for your little one, the Sleep Sheep is definitely worth a look (and it is at a great price point as well).

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Cloud B Sleep Sheep FAQ

Q: How big is the sleepy sheep?

A: It stands about 12 inches high and is a great size for lots of cuddles.

Q: Are there any other options apart from the sleep sheep?

A: Yes, there are 8 different cuddly baby pacifiers in the Cloud b range.

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