Best Sleep Sound Machines 2016


Best Sleep Sound Machines 2016On this page you will find the best sound machines for 2016.

Sound machines are the perfect solution to help block out annoying noises, which keep you awake at night or during the day if you are a shift worker. Some of them play just white noise, others only play nature sounds and yet others play a mix of white noise and nature sounds.

So here is my pick of the Top 10 best sound machines 2016 – just click on the link and you can read the review at your leisure.


Top 10 Best Sound Machines for 2016

1. Sense with Sleep Pill – The Sense with Sleep Pill Sound Machine The Sense with Sleep Pill Sound Machineoffers you a way to monitor your sleeping habits and find out exactly what is causing your poor quality sleep. It is much more than a simple sound machine. Read my review here.


LectroFan - best white noise machine

2. Lectrofan – This is a powerful sound machine, that really blocks out a lot of noise in large spaces. It only plays white noise or fan sounds, not soothing natural sounds and is a very affordable and well liked sound machine. Read my review here.


Marpac DOHM - the best white noise machine on the market

3. Marpac DOHM –  One of the best sound machines available, this machine only produces white noise, but it generates these sounds from its motor, they are not pre-recorded sounds, which is common in most other sound machines. Read my review here.


Sleep Easy - best White noise machine

4. Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner – This is another white noise generator that is popular with shift workers, parents and office workers. It is very simple to use, you just plug it in and away it goes. Unlike most other sound machines, this one has no timer so it is either on or off – but the masking capacity of the Sleep Easy white noise is great! Read my review here.


Homedics Sound Machine

5. HoMedics Sound Spa – This sound machine plays 6 digitally recorded natural sounds – ocean, summer night, rain, thunder, white noise and bubbling brook. It has a 15, 30 and 60 minute timer or can be left to run all night. It is lightweight and portable for travelers and operates on both battery or mains power. Read my review here.


Ecotones sound therapy machine6. Ecotones Sleep + Sound Machine – You have HD tracks to help you drift off to sleep – ocean, rain, brook, cascading waterfall, meadow, fireplace, city, trains, white noise, pink noise, brown noise and a meditation profile. It also automatically changes the sounds, so they block out noises easier. Read my review here.


Conair sound therapy sound machine review7. Conair Sound Machine – The Conair gives you 10 soothing sounds – Tropical Forest, Birdsong, Running Stream, Heartbeat, Summer Night, White Noise, Thunderstorm, Rainfall, Ocean Waves, Waterfall, which are all HD tracks. Also a 60 minute timer, volume control and it operates on mains power and batteries. Read my review here.


Marpac TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner, White_large_image_attachment8. Marpac TSCI-330 Travel Sound Machine – This sound machine was designed specifically for international travelers, because it is lightweight and has a dual voltage transformer. This means that it will operate on both 220 and 110 voltage. Read my review here.


Aroma Zzar Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound9. Aroma Zzar Aromatherapy and Sound Machine – Have a fabulous spa and relaxation zone at home with both relaxing sounds and beautiful fragrances. This ultrasonic diffuser plays 4 nature sounds (plug in your own MP3 player to play your own sounds), has 7 LED lights, 4 mist settings, and can diffuse your essential oils for up to 8 hours. Read my review here. 


Philips HF3520 sound machine10. Philips HF 3520 – This might not be your first choice, but bear with me because this sound machine not only uses soothing sounds to help you drift off to sleep, but it also simulates sunset to help you fall asleep and sunrise to help you wake up naturally. Definitely worth a look – in fact, this is the most popular sound machine with visitors to this website 🙂 Read my review here.


Do you have problems sleeping?

It might come as no surprise to you that many people have problems sleeping through the night.

Lots of people have problems falling asleep and also staying asleep, waking 2 or 3 times during the night, at the very least.

There are lots of things you can do to help you fall asleep and stay asleep but one of the more popular strategies is to invest in a sleep sound machine. When you sleep throughout the night, you feel so much better the next day, your concentration increases and your health is so much better long term.

It is so easy to resort to taking medications to help you sleep, but investing in a very affordable sound machine is a very worthwhile strategy to increase your health and your performance during the day. 

Do you have problems studying?

Many students, both school age and mature students, have problems studying. One of the big issues is finding a quiet spot to study, particularly when you live in a noisy family environment.

Another problem faced by students of all ages is stress and worry about their exam results or their capacity to understand the information. This can cause students to have problems falling asleep and staying asleep, making it even more difficult for them to focus on their studies the next day.

So investing in a sound machine for your teenagers who are studying at school, your older children who are studying at college or university or even yourself if you are furthering your own studies, is definitely  strategy that will pay for itself many times over.

Do you have problems focusing at work?

Working in a noisy environment is no fun, particularly when you have to focus on complicated projects or other work which really needs all of your attention. These problems generally occur in offices which are open plan, making it very difficult to block out everyone’s chitter-chatter. 

Sometimes, the office seems to be quiet, but it doesn’t take much noise to break your concentration. This is where a sound machine can pay off big time, because you can use it to mask all of those annoying office noises and really focus on being more productive.

White noise versus natural soothing sounds

Of course, whether you select a white noise machine or one that plays soothing natural sounds is purely based on your own personal preferences, however you might find that white noise is better for a work/study environment and the soothing sounds better for sleeping.

Some people can’t sleep without their white noise machine or one that plays fan sounds and others swear by their babbling brook sounds. Each to their own as we say, and you can certainly purchase a sound machine that plays both white noise and natural sounds as well.

If you suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep, have problems focusing at work or with your studies, then you can’t go wrong with adding one of the best sleep sound machines for 2016 to your daily routine – and you should soon be feeling much better and performing at your best.


Oasis Sound machine


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