Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound

Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound

My Review of the Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound

When I first saw the Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound I thought that I had hit the jackpot! That’s because I had been looking for an aromatherapy diffuser that also plays natural sounds or soft music for quite some time.

I have to say though, that this is more of an aromatherapy machine than a real sound machine. The sounds are pre-set and run in a  short 10 second loop, there is no volume control, but you can turn them off Рwhich is a bit pointless if you want an aromatherapy diffuser that also plays sound.

Some customers don’t find a problem with the pre-set natural sounds, but most find that they are too loud and with no volume control, you can’t do much about it. On the other hand, this is a fabulous aromatherapy machine ūüôā

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Features of the Ansissy Aromatherapy

As I mentioned above, this is really an aromatherapy machine with a few sounds added, which may or may not be annoying to you, depending on your needs.

For an aromatherapy diffuser, the Ansissy has just about every feature you need:

  • Nature sounds (birds, rain and ocean sounds).
  • Ultrasonic humidifier.
  • Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser.
  • 100ml water reservoir (3.4 fl.oz).
  • Auto-off shutdown if water reservoir is empty.
  • 4 Timer settings (30 min, 60 min, 120 min, 180 min).
  • Aromatherapy mist ON/OFF switch.
  • Aromatherapy operating range 250 sq ft.
  • Adjustable LED lights with ON/OFF switch.
  • Mains power only.

Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with SoundThe Ansissy diffuser has a lovely contemporary design and the black color will fit in with most people’s decor.¬†It is whisper quiet and unless you have the natural sounds playing, you can barely hear it operating.

It is also super easy to use and operate with sensor touch controls for diffusing the essential oils and the nature sounds.

There is also a nice soft LED light that glows around the circumference of the diffuser and you can turn this light on or off at any time and adjust the brightness, which is great during the night time.

You can also set the diffuser to run for 30min, 60min, 120min or 180mins, but you can’t leave it to run continuously, because it will run out of water.

How do you use the Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound?

Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with SoundAs far as the sounds are concerned, you simply turn the machine on and then touch the little music bar on the back of the machine.

You touch it once to turn the sounds on and twice to turn the sounds off.

For the aromatherapy component, all you need to do is to remove the outer casing of the diffuser, add 100mls (3.4 fl.oz) of tap water to the reservoir, along with 3 or 4 drops of your favorite essential oil and replace the cover.

Then click the MIST button on the front of the machine to set the timer (30, 60, 120 or 180 minutes) and you are good to go. The unit will switch itself off when the reservoir is empty of water. You can also turn the LED light on or off and adjust its brightness.

 How does the Ansissy Essential Oil Diffuser with Sound work?

Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound This is an ultrasonic diffuser that uses cold mist technology and is the most popular type of diffusers on the market. As they do not use heat to diffuse the essential oils, they are cool to touch and safe around children and pets.

Cold mist technology uses high frequency sound that is fed into the water, creating very small bubbles of air that rise to the surface of the water.

These bubbles then burst and release an ultra-fine mist of water particles coated in essential oils. As this mist floats throughout your room, the beautiful scents of your essential oils perfumes the air.

One of the pros or cons of an ultrasonic diffuser (depending on the way you look at it) is that because they use water to disperse the essential oils, an ultrasonic diffuser¬†increases the humidity in a room, so the space is filled with a fine mist of water micro-particles. This means that an ultrasonic diffuser isn’t the best for people who already suffer from too much humidity or live in a damp environment, but it is ideal for people in dry climates.

An ultrasonic diffuser however, is not really a humidifier Рeven though it does increase the humidity in  a room. So if you seriously need to increase the humidity in your room, then it might be better for you to check out humidifiers.

What do customers say about the Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound?

More than 80% of¬†of the reviews online are very positive about the Ansissy diffuser and sound machine. They absolutely love the aromatherapy component of this a machine, but it is the sounds that don’t rate very well.

My thoughts on the Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound

Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound I cannot knock this as an aromatherapy diffuser, but if you want to use it as a sound machine then it might not be the best idea for you.

The sounds are on a 10 second loop and there is no volume control. Many customers complain that the sounds are too loud at night.

This is a great little aromatherapy machine at an affordable price point. The manufacturers could improve it however, by including a volume control and more options for the natural sounds, rather than just combining different sounds into one loop.

So if you want an aromatherapy machine, this is is a great choice, but if you want a sound machine, then I would read some of my other reviews.

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