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 What does the Welledia Oasis Sound Machine do?

The Welledia Oasis Sound Machine is no longer available from the manufacturer. For similar aromatherapy sound machines, check out the Aroma Zzar Diffuser or the Ansissy Diffuser.


This is another sound machine that is a little bit different, but it has a lot going for it. You not only have 5 soothing, natural sounds to help you drift off to sleep, but you also have light therapy and aromatherapy to add an extra dimension to your sleep therapy.

  • Diffuses a constant or intermittent mist of aromatherapy essential oils into the air.
  • The aromatherapy oils help you to relax and fall asleep.
  • Light therapy creates a soothing atmosphere and helps you to de-stress ready for sleep.
  • A selection of high fidelity, natural sounds help you to fall asleep quickly.
  • Blocks out irritating noises which prevent you from falling asleep.
  • Increases the quality of your sleep.
  • Helps shift workers to relax during the day and fall asleep easily.
  • Masks the noise of the TV, radio or people laughing in another room.
  • Minimizes the sound of traffic or dogs barking outside.

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Features of the Welldia Oasis

You have 5 soothing sounds, 8 LED lights and an aromatherapy diffuser all in one beautiful machine, which will look perfect on your bedside table.

  • 5 built in soothing, natural sounds.
  • Connect your iPod or smartphone, using the AUX cable, and create your own sounds.
  •  8 different LED lights to create a relaxing atmosphere with light therapy.
  • The night lights can be turned off or left on overnight.
  • An essential oil diffuser to sooth and relax your mind for sleep.
  • Ultrasonic technology diffuses a micro-mist of essential oils and water into the air.
  • Multiple mist settings.
  • 1, 3 or 8 hour timer for the aromatherapy diffuser.
  • Auto shut off feature when the water level is low.
  • No heating elements.
  • Volume control.
  • Select one light therapy color or set it to automatically cycle through all of the colors.
  • You can use the light therapy, the aromatherapy or the natural sounds all separately.

Why is the Welledia Sound Machine so fabulous?

This sound machine not only plays soothing sounds to sleep to, but it also infuses a fine mist of aromatherapy essential oils into your room, both of which help you to relax and drift off to a calming sleep.

The Welledia sound machine also has a relaxing night light which shines a calming glow through the frosted glass dome, giving you a complete therapeutic mix of soothing sounds, calming lights and relaxing aromatherapy oils.

It looks absolutely wonderful as well and the real wooden base and frosted glass dome will look great on your bedside table.

With this sound machine you have three relaxation therapies all in one!

This is how all sounds machines should work – giving you a complete sleep and relaxation therapy all in one single fabulous sleep sound machine.white noise generator

The Oasis aroma diffuser and white noise machine offers a unique combination of sounds, aromas and lights, blocking out the external world and creating a peaceful sanctuary in your very own environment.

Sound Therapy + Aroma Therapy + Light Therapy

5 Built-in nature sounds help you fall asleep

The Welledia Oasis has 5 wonderfully authentic and high fidelity nature sound tracks, which help to calm your mind so you fall asleep like a baby.

These sleep sounds also mask any annoying noises in your environment, such as a dog barking, loud music, people shouting or traffic driving past, all of which can easily wake you multiple times during the night from a deep, peaceful sleep.

  • Chirping birds
  • Water stream
  • Waterfall
  • Wind
  • Firewood

You have a volume control, so you can chose the level that suits you best and you can even play your own choice of music through the external speakers (an AUX cable is included).

So pick any song selection from your iPod, smartphone, mp3 player or other music device and you have a personalized sound therapy machine.

Just imagine waking feeling fully refreshed and alert every day!

8 LED light therapy options

With the Oasis Sound Machine and Aroma Diffuser you have 8 different color LED lights which you can set to change automatically and have a calming light show in your room or you can settle on just one color at a time.

Light therapy helps to lighten your mood, to reduce your feelings of stress and to relax you, all of which helps to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

The unique combination of white noise sounds and light therapy increases your relaxation and doubles your ability to have a refreshing night’s sleep.

How does the aromatherapy work?

The Welledia sound machinewhite noise machine uses Ultrasonic Technology and 2.4 MHz vibrations per second to infuse the air with an ultra-fine mist of essential oil micro-particles.

These powerful mist of particles are diffused into the air continuously or intermittently for 1, 3 or 8 hours.

You have a 120 ml reservoir with multiple mist settings, so you can customize the amount and frequency of the misted essential oils.

The air around you is filled with wonderful relaxing aromas and you are lulled to sleep by the relaxing soothing sounds and the calming light therapy.

You can turn the lights on or off and use the sound therapy alone, the aromatherapy alone or just the light therapy.

Who uses the Welledia sound machine?

This white noise machine is great for anyone who has trouble fsleep soundsalling asleep, remaining asleep or who feels tired and worn out in the mornings. You can also use it to simply diffuse essential oils around your home or even move it from room to room, using different options in each room.

  • Shift workers
  • Office workers
  • Light sleepers
  • Travelers
  • Jet-lag sufferers
  • Snorers
  • Noisy households
  • Students
  • Tinnitus sufferers
  • Tired, stressed out parents

What do customers say about the Welledia Oasis sleep sound machine?

There aren’t many reviews yet on Amazon for this lovely aromatherapy and light sound machine, but currently around 65% of customers give this sleep machine a 4 or 5 star rating. 

This is my first diffuser and I like it very much because it really works well. Fills the room with scent nicely. I use this diffuser with a lemon, lavender and peppermint mix mostly for when I go to sleep on the continuous setting. 

I love everything about this diffuser and humidifier. It is a much healthier way to freshen my house without using spray air fresheners or incense. The kids love the changing lights and nature sounds too. I just bought another one for a different room. 

We use it every night for our kids with our essential oils with the “continuous-on” mode and it runs for at least 8 hours. They love the stream sounds and that the light changes color. It’s very relaxing. Highly recommend! 

It works wonderfully and the auto shut off is a bonus since I tend to leave things on and forget about them … the sounds are soothing and pleasant to listen to as I fall off to sleep. Great product! 

Final Verdict: Is the Welledia Oasis Sound Machine worth it?

With the Welledia Aroma Diffuser you have three therapies all in one – 5 Built-in nature sounds to help you drift off to sleep, 8 LED light therapy options and an ultra-fine aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.

This is an awesome gift for anyone, whether they have problems sleeping or not, but is fabulous for people who need a little extra help to sleep well and would benefit from aromatherapy and light therapy as well.

FYI: The Welledia Oasis Sound Machine is currently unavailable (because it is so popular), so I have linked you to a very similar product with the same functionality – and it looks just as good as well!

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 Welledia Oasis Sound Machine FAQ

Q. Can you turn the lights off on this sound machine?

A. Yes, you can use just the soothing sounds, the lights or the aroma diffuser all separately or together.

Q. How much water does the device hold?

A. It takes about one cup to fill the dispenser.



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