Top 10 Best Baby Sound Machines

MY UPDATED Top 10 best baby sound machines – 2018

Following intensive research, I have totally updated my list of the best baby sound machines for this year.

If you are curious (or in a hurry):

 baby sound machinesThis is a very affordable baby sound machine that is very popular with parents. Basically, it plays 2 white noise tracks and 1 surf track and it is really for parents that prefer white noise for their babies and toddlers than natural sounds, such as rainfall and thunder.

The Marpac Hushh has a volume control, a baby safe clip and is powered by a rechargeable battery (it has a USB port as well). Given its small and compact size and the fact that it operates on batteries, it is eminently portable and is perfect for holiday makers and travelers.

It doesn’t have a timer however, so when you switch it on it stays on until you turn it off. You can read my FULL review of this baby sound machine or check out plenty of online customer reviews.

Which Baby Sound Machine is Best?

When your baby won’t sleep, life can become very difficult, very fast. The problem is that there are so many different sound machines on the market that it can take ages to decide which one is best for your family.

This is why my Top 10 list of the best baby sound machines is so useful, because you don’t have to do all the legwork – I have done it for you!

One of the biggest factors I considered, when putting together my Top 10 list of the best baby sound machines for families, was whether or not parents actually liked these sound machines.  If they buy them and then return them, then they are not much good for one reason or another.

So my recommendations are heavily based on customer reviews – click on the below links to jump to each short review or compare all ten in my table here.

  1. Marpac Hushh.
  2. Lectrofan Jr.
  3. Munchkin.
  4. Baby Einstein.
  5. Homedics myBaby Sound Spa.
  6. Baby Shusher.
  7. Skip Hop Soother.
  8. Cloud b Sleep Sheep.
  9. Silverflye.
  10. Big Red Rooster.

A sleep sound machine is a fabulous way to help your little one drift off to sleep, but you can also check out my Sound Machines for Adults, because many people use these for their children as well.

With the baby sound machines you can choose amongst natural soothing sounds and white noise or a mix of the two, as well as a lovely display of the starry night sky on the walls and ceiling of the nursery. Many of these sound machines are portable, so you can take them in the car with you, to the shopping center or on holiday.

So if you are searching for an easy and natural way to help your little one sleep during the day or night, or even to settle down and stop being so upset when you are at the supermarket or in the car, then check out my list of the best baby sound machines for 2017.


My Best Baby Sound Machines for 2017

1. Marpac Hushh

Marpac Hushh For Baby, Portable White Noise Sound MachineThe Marpac Hushh is the baby version of the Marpac DOHM Sound Machine that only plays white noise. This baby sound machine plays two white noise tracks and a surf track, and comes with a volume control, and a baby safe clip.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, and since it is also small and compact, it is perfect for travelers and holiday makers, in the nursery and in the car.

What do customers say about the Marpac Hushh?

This is a lifesaver, the range in volume is excellent and I love that it is rechargeable so we can take it on the go.

This is great — although only three sounds to chose from, volume is loud and it’s compact.

I use it also for when we have to give him a nap in the stroller, and it works great.

We have the original Marpac, but this has been a life saver on road trips and when packing light is necessary.

We use this for home, naps, travel, EVERYWHERE. If you are on the fence, don’t be. It’s amazing!

2. Lectrofan Jr

Lectrofan Jr white nosie machine with nursery rhymesThe Lectrofan Jr is the baby version of the Lectrofan for Adults (although many parents us the larger Lectrofan for their children and this one for themselves!). The baby Lectrofan plays 6 white noise and 5 fan sounds, as well as 18 nursery rhymes. it has a volume control and a timer, a shuffle feature and a USB port for charging.

This sound machine is perfect for parents-on-the-go and easily slips into your diaper bag when traveling or just going to the in-laws for the weekend.

What do customers say about the Lectrofan Jr?

Love!!!! Works awesome, best sound machine I’ve ever owned!

Super and pretty and compact…just what I wanted and needed. Great for travel!

I originally bought one for my grandson that I liked it so well I bought one for myself.

Works great for my infant (now 4 year old!). Stays on and drowns out other sounds. Highly recommend to families with little ones.

Love all the choices and how simple it is to use – my 2 yo loves to work it himself!

Worked great for my baby!

3. Munchkin

Munchkin Baby Projector and sound machineThe Munchkin Sound Machine has lots of features and looks great in the nursery as well. It plays 3 lullabies, 3 Mozart songs and 4 soothing sounds, and it also has 3 light displays. You can play any combination of the sounds and light displays or just play one of the sounds without a light display, and a light display without any sounds.

This is a versatile sound and light machine with a multi-level timer, volume control, self soothing feature and operates on mains power. Perfect for the nursery.

What do customers say about the Munchkin?

So easy to use! We love all the different sounds. Baby loves watching the projector during quiet time.

I have used this since my son was a newborn. He is a toddler now and I still use it.

This helped my little one sleep through many nights.

We not only bought this for our newborn daughter, but now our 5 year old son wants one….and I cant lie…I want one for my room now too.

I found it annoying but my baby slept better with it.

This machine has held up well for my family and has taken some abuse. It still works just as well as it did the day we bought it.

4. Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein - baby sound and light sootherWith 10 different melodies this interactive play sound machine will always keep your little happy and occupied in the cot. It has lots of little motions, characters and light effects and a unique ‘Drift Off’ feature that gradually softens the lights and melodies after 10 minutes, so your little one can drift off to sleep (this saves the batteries as well).

It has 4 different modes that are combinations of music, lights and motion and you have a small remote control that you can use up to 15 feet away to turn it on or off and select a different mode. This is another of my Top 10 best baby sound machines that is perfect for traveling parents.

What do customers say about the Baby Einstein?

Awesome! Love the remote control.

I love it and so does my daughter (8 months old) I definitely recommend this.

We use this several times a day. It’s a lifesaver when putting our son to sleep.

This fits our crib well and keeps our baby entertained and happy.

This puts her right to sleep, and keeps her attention so she doesn’t get too fussy.

My grandson loves this! I would both recommend this toy and I would buy it again.

5. Homedics myBaby SoundSpa

HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa portableThe Homedics myBaby SoundSpa is the baby version of the SoundSpa Sound Machine for adults, but to be honest, there is no real difference between them at all (except the price). Currently, the baby sound machine is selling for approximately double the cost of the adult version, so you might want to read my review of the SoundSpa for adults as well.

Both sound machines  play the same sounds and have the same features. Both are good little machines with a multi-level timer, volume control and are operated by batteries. They are both fully portable and easy to carry around, and are popular with parents.

What do customers say about the myBaby SoundSpa?

I am glad I got these (got 2) my littlest man had such a hard time sleeping and these helped so much.

The thunderstorm sound puts my baby (and the hubs and me!) to sleep every night!

My baby didn’t like or dislike it, however I got hooked on it and use it for myself.

The battery backup is great for those times our power has went off. The baby keeps on sleeping!

We bought this one as a back up, and it is the only one we use.

This sound machine has been a lifesaver in our small house with 3 kids!

6. Baby Shusher

white noise for babiesThe Baby Shusher is a unique sound machine in that it only plays a ‘shushing’ sound. It was designed based on the parenting technique from ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block‘ and has been very successful.

It comes with a multi-level timer, a sound sensor and a volume control, and is operated by batteries. This is fully portable and is perfect for travelers and for taking in the car, to the supermarket and just about everywhere.

What do customers say about the Baby Shusher?

My girlfriend told me it worked wonders on her now 3 month old baby. I’m currently pregnant and look forward to receiving one for my munchkin, if not I will definitely purchase.

I believe my baby calms down quickly because of the product. Also, it even sometimes works for my dad who has a problem of insomnia.

Great for settling baby down. Love the timer and volume control.

Really Really Really works!!!

Works like a charm!

Quickly calms baby to sleep after feeding. A++ product

7. Skip Hop Soother 

Skip Hop Nightlight Soother Moonlight and Melodies - baby sound machineAn ornate baby sound machine that fits beautifully in the nursery. It plays 4 lullabies and 4 nature sounds (including white noise and a heartbeat) and has a lovely starry sky and moon projector with a glowing night light.

You also have an auto-off timer and volume control. Mains power only. This is a beautiful looking sound machine for your baby or little ones that will look very stylish in the nursery.

What do customers say about the Skip Hop Soother?

I can sleep! She sleeps! Husband sleeps! Pomeranian sleeps! We’re all sleeping and we have time to write Amazon reviews.

My daughter loves it and we couldn’t be without her friend now.

I have two of these now for both of my boys rooms.

My 2 year old really enjoys this owl. He was afraid of the dark, but the owl really helped with that issue.

Upon seeing how well this worked for baby, grandma asked for one for Christmas to help overcome grandpa’s snoring!

8. Cloud b Sleep Sheep

Cloud B Sheep Sleep - baby sootherThis lovely cuddly Sleep Sheep plays 5 sounds, including a heartbeat and white noise. It has a multi-level timer and a volume control, as well as a velcro strap for easily attaching to the stroller or cot.

The Sleep Sheep operates on batteries, so it is perfect for parents who are on the go, traveling in the car, going to the supermarket or even taking on the plane. It is machine washable and is a popular cuddly baby soother that works well.

What do customers say about the Cloud b Sleep Sheep?

This is terrific and helped my granddaughter to calm down in the car.

This is my second purchase for my 2 younger grandchildren.

This little thing is adorable and works a treat. I absolutely wish I had bought it years ago. My son is age 4 and he now falls asleep within moments.

We love the sleep sheep! We had one with our first born and ordered this one for our 2nd baby. It is a must have on my list!

Both my babies got lots of use out of this! It lets them sleep great while out and about, which is a great help to any parent!

9. Silverflye

Sound Machine by SilverflyeThe Silverflye doesn’t look like the usual baby sound machine, but it has everything you need and a remote control (and its well priced as well). First of all it is ergonomically designed to fit easily in your hand and the remote has a 25 ft range.

It plays 6 lullabies and has a multi-level timer, shuffle feature, volume control and you can move backwards and forwards among the tracks.  The Silverflye operates on batteries and it also has a USB port.

What do customers say about the Silverflye Sound machine?

This is our second Silverflye for our baby girl. After crashing to the ground in the middle of the night, I quickly ordered another at 3:00 a.m. and it was here two days later.

It has been a life saver for us as we have a very colicky baby and he loves the white noise.

Bought this to help my son sleep after buying Silverflye’s car seat protector which was very well made, and reading some of the reviews for this product.

I am a huge fan of these noise machines – I have 3 in my house and I just bought one for a family member.

Works wonderfully, smooth sound, helps my daughter sleep better.

10. Big Red Rooster

Big Red Rooster portable baby sound machineThis lovely little sound machine is fully portable and has a clip that makes it easy to attach to a stroller or cot. It is really cheap (currently less than $15) and has a multi-level timer and a volume control, and it operates on batteries.

If you want a cheap and cheerful sound machine for taking in the car, to the supermarket , park or just about anywhere, then it is definitely worthwhile checking out this little monkey by Big Red Rooster.

What do  customers say about the Big Rest Rooster Monkey?

Love it- really helps my 6 month old adjust to sleeping alone in his nursery.

We have a newborn baby and this is on her bassinet or on her swing when she is in it and she loves the heart beat, turned down low, she will sleep for a long time with this beside her.

Love it! Bought it for summer travels and have used it for 2 trips and had it running all night each night we were away from home.

Keeps my toddler and infant (who are both light sleepers) asleep through the night even with lots of other noise.

We use this every single day for naps and bedtime.

Nice selection of soothing sounds. Newborn loves it


Compare all of my Top 10 Best Baby Sleep Sound Machines below


Read ReviewFeaturesPoints to note
Marpac Hushh
Marpac Hushh portable sleep sound machine
Read Review
- 2 white noise tracks
- One surf track
- Volume control
- USB charging
- Rechargeable battery
- Baby safe clip
- Portable
- No light display
- No timer
- Very popular
Lectrofan Jr
Lectrofan Jr sleep sound machine for babies
Read Review
- 6 white noise
- 6 fan sounds
- 18 nursery
- Volume control
- USB charging
- Timer
- Shuffle play
- No light display
- Portable
- Ideal for travelers
- Very popular
Munchkin Baby Sound Machine
Read Review
- 3 Lullabies
- 4 Soothing Sounds (incl heartbeat)
- 3 Mozart songs
- 3 light displays
- Play sounds and lights together
- Play sounds and lights separately
- Multi-level timer
- Self soothing voice activation
- Volume control
- Soft blue night light
- Mains power
- Lots of functionality
- Very popular
Baby Einstein

Read Review
- 10 Melodies
- Motion & light effects
- Remote control
- Drift off feature
- Universal crib attachment
- Sound machine
- Batteries
- Needs lots of batteries
- Interactive play
- Ideal for travelers
- Popular
- Well priced
HoMedics MyBaby SoundSpa

myBaby SoundSpa portable

Read Review
- 5 natural sounds
- Heart beat
- Multi-level timer
- Volume control
- Portable design
- Mains power
- Batteries
- Ideal for travelers
- Perfect for campers
- No light display
- Very popular
Baby Shusher
Baby Shusher
Read Review
- Shushing
- Multi-level timer
- Sound sensor
- Volume control
- Batteries
- No light display
- Ideal for travelers
- Popular baby soother
Skip Hop Soother
Skip Hop Nightlight Soother Moonlight and Melodies - baby sleep sound machine
Read Review
- 4 Lullabies
- 4 Nature sounds
- White noise
- Heart beat
- Light display
- Volume control
- Timer
- Mains power
- Can play music without lights
Cloud B Sleep Sheep
Cloud B Sleep Sheep review
Read Review
- 8 soothing sounds
- Multi-level timer
- Velcro strap
- Volume control
- Batteries
- Cute and cuddly
- Ideal for travelers
- Machine washable
- Popular baby soother
Silverflye sound machine
Read Review
- 6 melodies (incl white noise)
- Shuffle feature
- Remote control
- Ergonomically designed
- FFWD feature
- Volume control
- 85 db or less
- USB micro adapter
- Batteries
- No light display
- Need lots of batteries
- Very well priced
Big Red Rooster

Read Review
- 5 sounds (incl heartbeat & white noise)
- Multi-level timer
- Volume control
- Easy clip for strollers
- Batteries
- Ideal for on the go parents
- Ideal for travelers
- Popular
- Well priced



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