Compare Sleep Machines for Babies

Sleep machines, soothing sounds and white noise machines for babies

Here you will find a table where you can compare the different sleep sound machines for babies and decide which is the best sleep machine for your little one.

Read ReviewCalming
Light DisplayVolume
Summer Infant Elephant
Summer Infant Elephant Slumber Buddy
5 lullabies
+ heart beat
4 showsYesYesYes
Skip Hop Soother
Skip Hop Nightlight Soother Moonlight and Melodies - baby sleep sound machine
4 lullabies
4 nature sounds
+ white noise
+ heart beat
Dex the Dog
Zazu Baby Sound Machine
4 sounds
+ heartbeat
+ white noise
SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Baby Soother
2 white noise
+ plays your
own tunes
Marpac Hushh
Marpac Hushh portable sleep sound machine
2 white noise
+ one surf track
NoYesUSB chargingNo
Lectrofan Jr
Lectrofan Jr sleep sound machine for babies
6 white noise
6 fan sounds
18 nursery
NoYesUSB chargingYes
Graco Sleep Slumber
Graco Sleep Slumber Sound Machine
11 sounds
+ heart beat
Soft glowYesYesYes
HoMedics MyBaby SoundSpa
myBaby SoundSpa portable
5 sounds
+ heart beat
Munchkin Baby Sound Machine
10 lullabies
+ heart beat
3 showsYesNoYes
My Little Pet
My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies
6 lullabiesYesYesYesNo
Baby Shusher
Baby Shusher
Cloud B Sleep Sheep
Cloud B Sleep Sheep review
4 lullabiesNoYesYesYes
Tranquil Moments
Tranquil Moments Baby Sound Machine
5 sounds
+ heart beat
Silverflye sound machine
6 melodies
+ white noise
Baby Einstein
Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother_medium_image_attachment
10 melodies +
Ocean Sounds
Big Red Rooster

Bif Red Rooster portable baby sound machine
5 sounds:
White noise

Benefits of a sleep sound machine for babies and children

Zazu Baby Sound MachineAll parents know that some babies and toddlers just don’t seem to settle very well, particularly at night after a feed.

Many also have problems settling when you are traveling, at a friend or relatives house and in the dreaded supermarket.

There are so many situations when all you want is for your little one to just go to sleep or at least to be calm and settled!

As parents and primary caregivers, when your sleep is constantly interrupted for long periods of time you can become extremely sleep deprived. This can have serious consequences on all aspects of your life, because trying to settle your baby or toddler can quite literally drain you of energy.

This is where a sleep sound machine can be a miracle worker! The soothing lullabies and light displays can really calm your baby down, relax them and help them to drift off into a a lovely long sleep.


What to look for in a sleep sound machine for babies and children

In general, there are two different sleep sound machines for babies, both of which are useful in their own way.

Cuddly toys: These are the cutest sound machines ever! Most parents find that their little ones become very passionate about their cuddly toy that makes wonderful soothing sounds at any time of the day or night.

Cloud b baby soother sleep sheepToddlers love to carry their cuddly toy around with them or hug them in bed at night and they are so easy to take around with you to the supermarket, in the car or out for the day at the park. Check out my top rated Cloud B sound machine here.

In a cuddly toy sound machine you want natural sounds, lullabies, white noise or a combination of these sounds. You also want to be able to remove the sound machine from inside the toy, so you can wash the covering and keep it clean.  A timer is also a useful feature, because you can set it for a hour for example, and it will switch off automatically, saving your batteries.

Sound and light displays:  The second type of sound machine you can buy for babies and children is one that is best kept in the nursery. These play lullabies, white noise, natural sounds or a combination of these sounds, and they may or may not have a light display as well.

Skip Hop Nightlight Soother Moonlight and Melodies Sound MachineThe light displays help to distract your little ones and many parents find that a combination of sound and light displays help to settle their baby or toddlers better than just sound alone.

A night light that can be turned on and off, volume control and a timer are all features that you might find useful in your baby sound machine.

Read my review of the top rated Skip Hop Nightlight Soother here.

You can read all of my baby sound machine reviews here and there is sure to be one that will help you to settle your baby and give you a good night’s sleep as well.