Compare Sleep Machines for Adults

The Best Sound Machine Reviews

On this page you will find a table where you can compare the different sound machines for adults that I have reviewed so far. I will keep adding to these, so you are welcome to check back.


Read ReviewSounds Power Rank
Sense with Sleep Pill
The Sense with Sleep Pill Sound Machine
White Noise
Brown Noise
& Music
Mains Adapter1
LectroFan - best white noise machine
White Noise
Fan Sounds
Mains Adapter, USB2
Marpac DOHM
Marpac DOHM - the best white noise machine on the market
White NoiseMains Adapter
Sleep Easy
Sleep Easy - best White noise machine
White NoiseMains Adapter4
Tranquil Moments
bedside speaker and sleep sounds machine
12 sound programs
+ plays your own
tunes via Bluetooth
Mains adapter
+ USB Charging
Pure Enrichment
Sleep therapy sound machine
White Noise
Summer night
Mains Adapter, USB6
HoMedics Sound Spa
Homedics Sound Machine
White Noise
Nature Sounds
Mains Adapter, Battery7
Ecotones sound therapy machine
White Noise
Nature Sounds
Mains Adapter8
Conair Sound Therapy
Conair sound therapy sound machine review
Nature Sounds
White Noise
Mains Adapter +
Aroma Zzar Diffuser
Aroma Zzar Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound
Nature Sounds
+ MP3 access point
Mains Adapter10
Lectrofan Micro
LectroFan Micro - quality wireless sound machine
5 Fan sounds
4 White noise sounds
1 Ocean sound
Bluetooth capability
Rechargeable Battery11
Big Red Rooster
Big Red Rooster BRRC107 Sound Machine - natural sleep sounds
White noise
Summer night
Mains Adapter, Battery12
HemingWeigh White Noise Machine
HemingWeigh White Noise Machine - quality sleeping sounds
White noiseMains Adapter
USB ports
Marpac TSCI-330
Marpac travel sound machine
White Noise with
rain, waterfalls and
Mains Adapter14
Philips HF3520
Philips HF3520 sound machine
Nature SoundsMains Adapter15
SONEic Sound Machine
SONEic Sound Machine - best sleep sounds
White noise
Pink noise
Brown noise
Gray noise
Nature sounds
Mains Adapter +
Ansissy Diffuser
Ansissy Aromatherapy Diffuser with Sound
Nature SoundsMains Adapter17
Cherry Koala
Cherry Koala Sound Therapy Machine
10 Soothing Sounds:
Fan Noise
White Noise
Summer night
Ttropical forest
USB Charging
Homedics HDS-2000
homedics-hds-2000 sleep sound machine
White Noise
Nature Sounds
Water Sounds
Sleep Programs
Mains Adapter19
AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine
20 Soothing Sounds:
6 White Noise
4 Nature Sounds
6 Fan Sounds
4 Scene Sounds
5 V Power Adapter
USB Charging
Sound Oasis S-550-05
sound oasis sleep therapy system
6 Natural Sounds
(including white noise)
Mains Adapter, Battery21
6 Natural Sounds
(no white noise)
Mains Adapter
+ Batteries
Sound Oasis S-850W
Sound Oasis S-850W - best sound machine for travelers
White Noise
Fan Sounds
Nature Sounds
Mains Adapter, Battery23
SleepSounder Sleeping Sound Machine
White Noise
Nature Sounds
FM Radio
Mains Adaper, Lithium Battery24


Benefits of a sleep sound machine for adults

You might be surprised to learn that 1 in 3 people suffer from some form of insomnia, which is a huge amount of dazed people walking around everyday.

There are a lot of solutions for insomnia, ranging from sleep medications to cognitive therapy, but one of the easiest strategies you can use is a sleep sound machine. This is because many people have poor quality sleep because they can’t switch off and relax and are suffering from stress or they are kept awake by noise.

A sleep sound machine can help with both of these problems, because they can help you to relax so you fall asleep easier and more quickly than normal and they help to mask or block out annoying noises.

Some of the noises that a sound machine can help to mask include:

  • Traffic outside.
  • People walking along the street.
  • Noisy neighbors.
  • Snoring partners.
  • TVs, radios or kids playing in another room.
  • Dogs barking in the neighborhood.
  • Holidaymakers laughing in hotel rooms.
  • Office sounds.

white noise for studyingA sleep sound machine isn’t only useful to help you fall asleep, but it can also help you to focus better at work or to study.

Many office workers find that they can’t concentrate in open plan office environments, because of the noise, so a sound machine is useful for blocking out these noises.

Students as well, can use a sleep sound machine to help them sleep better at night when they are distressed about their studies or exams. They can also use the sound machines to block out family noises when they are trying to study in their room (much better than loud music!).

What to look for in a sleep sound machine for adults

There are lots of features you need to keep a look out for in sound machines. First of all you need to decide whether you want the sound machine to play white noise, fan sounds, natural sounds or a combination of these sounds.

If you want a sound machine that plays fan sounds, then the best one on the market at the moment is the Lectrofan, which plays 10 fan sounds and 10 white noise sounds.

If you want a sound machine that specializes in white noise, then you need to check out the Marpac DOHM or the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner. This is because unlike many other white noise machines that just play digitally recorded white noise, these two sound machines actually generate the white noise using an engine.

If you want a sound machine that uses light to simulate dusk and dawn, but also plays natural sounds then check out the Philips light and sunrise simulator. This sound machine is ideal for people who have problems falling asleep at night, waking up in the morning and for shift workers.

If you want a sound machine that plays both digitally recorded white noise and natural sounds then check out my review of the HoMedics Sound Spa. This is a very lightweight sound machine that is perfect for travelers and runs on both mains power and batteries.

If you want a sound machine that also diffuses fabulous essential oils into the air, then read my review of the Aroma Zzar aromatherapy diffuser with natural sounds. This is a wonderful sound machine that is also an ultrasonic diffuser with colored LED lights for relaxation as well.

Best features to look for in a sound machine

There are a variety of different features that it is good to have in your sleep sound machine.

Timer: Being able to play your soothing sounds all night long is great, but sometimes you just want to run the machine for an few hours. So if this is important to you, then you need to look for a sleep sound machine with a timer.

Fully adjustable volume: This is an obvious necessity for a sound machine, but some sleep machines only have a LOW/HIGH type of volume control and others have  multilevel adjustable volume and tone control.

Mains or battery operated: If you want to travel with a sound machine, then you need a machine that operates on batteries as well as on mains power.

USB charger: Some of the newer sound machines let you run your sound machine from your computer, which is great if you are travelling overseas.

Headphones jack: if you want to listen to your sound machine in private, then you need to make sure that it comes with a headphone jack. Not all sound machines have this feature.

Once you have read my reviews you will know exactly what type of sound machine you need to help improve the quality of your sleep.