My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies – Review


My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies

How Gorgeous are the My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies?

Featuring a built-in sound machine player and a starry sky light display, My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies makes the perfect gift for your own nursery or for a friend’s nursery.

If you look at the My Little Pet’s paw you will see the controls, so all you need to do is tap the paw and select a lullaby or light display. With a removable battery box for easy cleaning, you can take this portable sound machine in the car, attach it to your stroller or sit in on the dresser in your nursery.

  • Cute sleep sound machine for babies.
  • Comes in a lovely pink or blue.
  • 6 gentle lullabies.
  • Volume control.
  • Velcro loop for hanging.
  • Light display (blue starry sky).
  • ON/OFF button.
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
  • Weight: 1 pound.
  • Size: 8 x 4 x 3 inches.


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How does My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies work?

My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for BabiesThis cute blue or pink music machine is the perfect addition to your nursery. Using the My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies is simple, because all of the controls are in the left rear paw.

You have an ON/OFF POWER button and an ‘up’ or ‘down’ volume button, so you can quickly turn the My Little Pet music on or off and change the volume to suit the circumstances.

There is also a button to turn the light projection on or off, so you can play a lullaby when you are in the car or in the supermarket and not have the light display showing as well. There re 6 different gentle lullabies to choose from, all you need o do is press the music button and keep pressing it until you have found the melody you want.

The batteries fit into the back of the My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies and the battery box is designed to be easily removed for easy cleaning of your plush sound machine.


Who would benefit from using My Little Pet?

My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for BabiesThe My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies was designed for busy parents who need a sound machine for babies that is easy to use, portable and easy to clean. You can use the handy Velcro loop to attach My Little Pet to the side of your little one’s cot, the stroller or somewhere in the car when you are travelling.

My Little Pet Sleep is ideal for when you are out shopping and your little one tends to become tired and unsettled, when you are visiting friends or family and for when you want to settle them to sleep in their cot at home.

With 6 lovely melodies and a starry sky light display, you have the ideal solution to calm an unsettled baby or toddler and it is very affordable as well (less than $50).


What I like about My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies

One of the best features of this sound machine for babies is that is is a plush toy and it runs on batteries. These features make it very attractive to toddlers, as well as being a Godsend for parents who need to calm an unsettled baby when they are out and about.

Just being able to turn on the My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies and instantly calm your little one is a huge benefit to parents, making this a very popular solution for many parents.

I also love that it comes in either pink or blue, so you can select the best one for your baby or toddler., also that the battery compartment can be removed, making it easy to clean.


Points to note about My Little pet

My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for BabiesOne feature that would greatly improve this already fabulous sound machine and baby soother is if it had a timer. At the moment it is either on or off, so if you forget it – then it will just keep playing until the batteries run out!

A timer would fix this problem, letting you play the music and light show continuously if you want, until you turn it off or for a set amount of time.

Another improvement could be for the light show to move around the ceiling, as it is just a static projection. The flip side of this is that toddlers usually love to hold and cuddle their My Little Pet and this tends to jiggle the light show on the walls and ceiling anyway 🙂


Customer reviews

The majority of customers love this cute and cuddly sound machine for babies with the only complaint being that it eats through your batteries.

This is so cute and such a lifesaver!

My Son really likes to have music on when he sleep, so this little guy is nice to have.

This was a great item that we brought with us on a European vacation for my two year old. He loved that he could cuddle with it and I loved that it was a nightlight, stuffed animal and musical/sound machine all in one.

Before I could even put batteries in the my little pet, my 2.5 yr old fell in love with it and hasn’t let go for 3 days.

My son absolutely loves this bear! He hasn’t wanted to put it down since we got it.

Should you buy My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for Babies?

My Little Pet Sleep Sound Machine for BabiesMy Little Pet is a lovely cuddly sound machine with a pretty starry sky light display and is currently at a good price point.

The audio is high quality and the light display, whilst it is static and doesn’t rotate across the ceiling is still attractive. The few negative reviews are mainly concerned with how quickly the batteries need to be replaced, rather than any dislike of this product.

So for the price, I would say that this is a lovely sound machine for settling or comforting babies and toddlers and is well worth the price.


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